Export consulting

At a present, we develop export consulting service that support functioning and potential exporters within their foreign market entrance.

The export consulting process means the carrying out some stages that include wide range of the research and analytical works.

Work Stage The Expected Result
1 Identification of the goods for export We identify perspective goods and countries with the highest demand
2 The analysis of the potential market We identify the target market for the sales and determine competitiveness of the goods prices
3 The export strategy elaboration We provide the complete action plan for the successful export
4 The assistance on the export strategy carrying out The export strategy will be carried out effectively without the losses of your time

Why should you become our partner?

  • more than 20 years of the market researches and company strategy development elaboration
  • the team of the experienced professional consultants
  • organized connection with the foreign research companies
  • the cost of our services by 3-4 times lower compared to others companies
  • our partners remain be them even after receiving services

Advantages that export consulting will provide you with

  • the savings of the time and energy
  • the precise products identification for the external supply
  • the fast receiving of the permissive documents for the export
  • the right products positioning and promotions
  • the selection of only reliable and the most profitable partners
  • the consulting within the first stages of the export activity of your company.

We invite to cooperate everybody, who has intentions to develop export activity and interest to get qualified assistance of the professional consultant!