Work types

On the each stage, our company will carry out wide range of the works that will allow you to fulfill the strategy without the losses of your time and energies.

Work Stage The Type of the Work
Identification of the goods for export
  • the analysis of the products qualitative parameters
  • analysis of the product import by the varieties of countries
  • analysis of the product correspondence with the requirements of the importer
  • studies of the certificates, patents and others regulative documents of the exporters
The analysis of the potential market
  • analysis of the potential market (competitiveness, capacity, consumers’ needs, growth potential, distribution channels etc.)
  • assessment of the market entry barriers
  • determination of the export cost and optimal prices for the exported product
  • identification of the market niche
  • contacts collection of the potential partners, clients and distributors.
The export strategy elaboration
  • determination of the optimal pricing policy
  • selection of the optimal pricing policy
  • selection of the distribution channel
  • elaboration of the advertising campaign
  • financial modeling of the company operation
  • making of the export strategy realization plan
The assistance on the export strategy carrying out
  • working out of the business offers for the potential partners
  • company presentation for the abroad partners
  • organizing of the meeting with the foreign partners
  • web-site promotion in the English segment of the Internet: SEO, SMM, pay-per-click advertising etc.
  • assistance in preparation and participation in foreign exhibitions